An innovative, vertically integrated manufacturing British Columbia (Canada) based Company that is focused on energy efficient, green friendly management solutions. BDS Industrial Solutions Inc. is actively involved in design, manufacturing, sourcing, import/export, distribution, service and full project integrations including expedited implementations and improvements of systems overall ROI.

The company was established in 2006 offering expertise in industrial and marine operations, equipment and spare parts supply chain, as well as project implementation services. BDS quickly grew into a recognizable importer/exporter and operated mainly in North American, European and Asian markets.

In 2009 Company entered R&D and manufacturing sectors. BDS extended services and products portfolio by adding LED lighting systems and controls, custom electronics and hardware solutions.

By 2012 the Company was completely vertically integrated offering a wide spectrum of personalized services to its clients. BDS Industrial Solutions Inc. got recognition as a Canadian manufacturer, integrator and trusted supplier in industrial, commercial and government sectors.

In 2014 BDS achieved Gold level membership at Power Smart Alliance with BC Hydro for helping to save Gigawatts of power through supply of energy efficient products to its customers across British Columbia. By end of the year products manufactured by BDS were sold in every province in Canada and some USA states.

By end of 2015 BDS started to offer its services to overseas clients in Asia and European countries. BDS Industrial Solutions Inc. is growing and currently delivers solutions to customers worldwide.

If you have a problem to solve, we either have a solution ready or can help you to find it!