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A unique position in maritime supply chain
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BDS Industrial Solutions Inc. provides high quality equipment supply for a number of companies in several countries. BDS is a midstream connection between customers and manufacturers located in different parts of the world. The Company also manufactures some of the distributed products.

Our vision is to be a world class industrial supplying company and the preferred partner in our chosen business segments. Long term commitment, fast and safe delivery are essential to fulfill the high quality demands of our customers.

Supply Concept

BDS has a unique position in the industry supply chain. Based in Canada the Company acquires exclusive rights for distribution of specialized equipment from manufacturers in Northern America. In addition, BDS carries a wide range of other quality equipment, goods, supplies and spare parts from different suppliers all over the world. Our Export/Import supply business is based on long term contracts and strong relationships.

Manufacturing Concept

BDS Product manufacturing is mostly outsourced to highly experienced and reliable plants. All critical components are supplied from trusted manufacturers such as CREE®, Philips®, WAGO®, Mollex® and others. Whole process is carefuly monitored by qualifies specialists.

Punctuality, efficiency, quality and flexibility are BDS's primary competitive advantages that ensure our customers' satisfaction in the long run. We are continuously working on improvement of every aspect of the product lifespan from manufacturing, transportation and installation to maintenance and recycling processes.

Service Concept

BDS also provides a wide variety of industry services. These include expertise in industry operations, equipment and spare parts delivery, project implementation supervising, and much more.

Current projects include services such as
- designing, purchasing, delivery, and installation of oil pollution prevention equipment for FSO and oil terminals in several major ports in Russia and Eastern Europe.
- designing, purchasing, transportation and implementation of mills, factories and production lines for different applications.
- brokerage and distribution of used and new construction, mining and agriculture equipment.
- designing and preparation processing of major construction projects for various industries in Europe.

Understanding the social and cultural differences between Russia, Eastern Europe, Canada and USA, multi-language speaking, appropriate using of existed relations with local representatives, time zone adaptation, using of new technologies, and wide industrial specialization help BDS to fulfill its partners' and customers' specific needs. The combination of location, affordable pricing and fast delivery makes this service unique and competitive.

We offer flexible industry solutions, tailored to our customers' requirements.

BDS Industrial Solutions Inc., 6550 Fraser Street,  Vancouver,  BC, V5X 3T3,  Canada,   Phone: +1 (604) 435-1879