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Our services and operations are based on a project basis. Currently we have several ongoing projects of purchasing, shipment, installation, supervisind and maintenance of special equipment and various assemblies for different industries in several major locations in Europe and Russia.

Other projects include different and specific applications such as supervising of reconstruction of crude oil tankers into FSO facilities, supplying safety, firefighting and industrial equipment for several industries.

In its projects BDS Industrial Solutions Inc. operates as a connection bridge between the customer and the equipment's manufacturer/vendor providing the service of monitoring, supervising and implementation.

Understanding the social and cultural differences, multi-language speaking, appropriate using of existed relations with local representatives, time zone adaptation, new technologies using and narrow maritime specialization help the Company to fulfill its partners' and customers' specific needs.

BDS Industrial Solutions Inc., 6550 Fraser Street,  Vancouver,  BC, V5X 3T3,  Canada,   Phone: +1 (604) 435-1879