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BDS Industrial Solutions Inc. offers expertise in industry operations, quality equipment and spare parts supplying, and project implementation supervising.

These come in various ways such as project-based consulting and implementation or long-term constant maintenance and supplying.

Customer/partner relationships start from the beginning of the very first project. This could be a one-time project or could be expanded further to the long-term contract with extremely close follow-up with partner and customer.

Available Services:

• Designing and full implementation of specialized projects such as environmental safety control equipment and pollution prevention for terminals, vessels and companies. Also, lifesaving and security solutions for various industries.

• Distribution and supplying with spare parts, new and used specialized and safety equipment from the leading manufacturers and vendors of Canada, USA, Asia and Europe.

• Consulting services and immediate supply for companies and persons regarding safety, firefighting, pollution prevention and technical questions (especially in emergency situations).

• Other organizational services between customers and vendors in Europe, Russia, USA and Canada.

We offer quality services, quick and safe project implementations for companies and individuals.

BDS Industrial Solutions Inc., 6550 Fraser Street,  Vancouver,  BC, V5X 3T3,  Canada,   Phone: +1 (604) 435-1879