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BDS Industrial Solutions Inc. has various product lines available to its customers directly from manufacturers. The company provides spare parts, new and used quality equipment such as pollution prevention, firefighting, safety and other supplies for its clients in Europe, Russia, USA and Canada.

Most of provided products are innovative machines that have functions and advantages not found in today's common use in maritime companies.

Based on partners’ equipment requirements and our related market research, we provide full service of purchasing and transporting of products from vendors in one country to our partners or customers in other country using the sea container forwarding or other shipping methods.

These are just a few examples of products we distribute:

• Pollution prevention equipment for FSO and oil terminals. Inflatable and permanet booms, skimmers, insinerators and emergency pumps which are designed to operate in extreme sea conditions and very low temperatures.

• Different types of mooring accessories, fenders and other collision prevention equipment for sea tankers and bunkering vessels (ship-to-ship cargo transfers) as well as for terminals and port facilities.

• Safety and operations control equipment for operaing in different types of hazardous areas (waterproof safety flashlights, lifejackets, radio stations, etc.).

• Cargo hoses, fittings, accessories and other equipment to provide safe and efficient loading/unloading operations for vessels and terminals. All other types of hoses are available too.

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BDS Industrial Solutions constantly increases the variety of products available exclusively from the best manufacturers in the industry.

BDS Industrial Solutions Inc., 6550 Fraser Street,  Vancouver,  BC, V5X 3T3,  Canada,   Phone: +1 (604) 435-1879