JustRight LED - Lighting Solutions that Fit Your Budget

When you are looking for something that is NOT too fancy or too expensive, consider using our line of general purpose products: JustRight LED. Below are some examples of our standardized light fixtures. Reach out to us even if you

do not see needed product in the list. We will source the items to meet your requirements and fit your budget. Challenging projects are most welcome.

JustRight LED standardized products:

PL - Architectural Panels

Panel Light 

Linear Strip Light

WRP - Wraparound Linear Fixtures

Slim Wraparound


Wide Wraparound

OBL - Overbed Hospital Lighting

Overbed Hospital Light

VTL - Vapor Tight Linear Fixtures

Vapor Tight Light

TPL - TriProof Outdoor Linear Lighting

Triproof Outdoor Light

HBL - Highbay Lighting

Highbay Light (General)

Highbay Light (Adjustable)

Highbay Light (High Power)

WPK - Wallpacks

    Area Light

    CDL - Commercial Down Lighting

    Commercial Down Lighting

    RDL - Residential Down Lighting

    Residential Down Lighting

    ... more products are available upon request.


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