Every Problem has a Solution

From Custom Product Design and Prototyping to Manufacturing and Distribution: BDS will help you to solve virtually any hardware problem you may have.

Advanced Lighting & Controls

NightSky LED ® 

a family of modular lighting systems with interchangeable and field replaceable components. Suitable for indoor, outdoor, cold, wet and hazardous locations.


Lighting for Hazardous Environments

HazLok LED

reliable lighting solutions designed to withstand the toughest industrial conditions.


General Purpose Lighting

JustRight LED

a line of general-purpose products for those who appreciate simplicity without compromising on quality.


Custom Products & Accessories


a range of custom products and mounting adaptors to tailor our solutions to your specific needs.


It is only Impossible until it's Done!

We design, Prototype, Manufacture and More...
We Solve your Problems right at the Core

Custom Products is our Specialty

  • Design

    From idea to finished product – our team will help you to design from scratch and make any quick adjustments as necessary throughout the project’s cycle.

  • Consulting

    Our engineering team will work directly with you or with specifying engineer, consultant, contractor or other person involved in your project.

  • Manufacturing

    Vertical integration allows BDS to manufacture required parts locally or overseas depending on project’s requirements and objections.

  • Sourcing

    When project requires some or all components to be sourced from other suppliers our team of experienced buyers will help you to get them on-time and under budget.

  • Import / Export

    BDS is a registered Importer / Exporter. We can quickly move small and large packages across countries while helping you to cut associated costs.

  • Delivery

    We offer product deliveries directly to site by our drivers, via your preferred couriers or other 3rd parties, if needed.

  • Installation

    Team of certified industry professionals will install all parts at your site, if such service is required.

  • Customer Service

    Happy and satisfied customer is our priority. We strive to deliver exceptional and personalized service from the very first moment you connect with BDS.

  • Deal Direct

    BDS currently does not have sales exclusivity assigned to any resellers. All our services are available DIRECT to you, through your preferred Contractor or Distributor.

Frequently Asked

How do I start?

Contact us directly with any questions you may have. If for some reason we can not help you, we will point you to the right direction.

I can't see the Product I need in your Catalog...

We list only standardized products that we manufacture or source on regular basis. If you have an idea for a product, it either exists and we will find it for you or we will custom design and manufacture it. Contact us with any questions and we will be glad to help you.

Where do I buy your Products?

All products and other services are available directly to you. We ship to any destination across the globe.

You can freely contact us by phone, email, via social media, etc. We will help you to find what you are looking for.

I have an idea. Can you make it for me?

We love new ideas. We will help you to design, prototype, manufacture and distribute (if needed) virtually any custom products.